Mirrari Brief

A reflection of nature, a passion for photography and a deep rooted love for Bahrain, marks the birth of Mirrari.  Mirrari was born to share with both Bahrain and the rest of the world, an instance captured in time, engulfing Bahrain’s beautiful nature. From seeds to flourishing plants, the stages of development are unique and integral in the process of blooming.

The role nature plays in Bahraini traditions and cultural customs is one that drives Mirrari to share a simple appreciation of the environment, in an anything but simple showcase. Derived from the Latin and Arabic word مرآه, meaning mirror, Mirrari reflects thatwhich surrounds us. From Mirrari’s garden grows the most breathtaking photos which are then translated into home accessories, ranging from coasters to trays and pillows. These home additions are a daily reminder of what lies behind our front door, a mirror into our backyard, a reflection of nature.